Who is MAKE?  

MAKE is you. 

We are a part of your flame within you. 

MAKE is a clothing line who sees itself as a lighter, the lighter of your flame.

We believe that every person has a gift within. By providing you with our clothing, we wish to motivate you to chase your dreams. 

By wearing our clothes your spirit will be completed. You will receive the power to face your fears in style. MAKE is convinced that if you are or want to be something, you should dress like that. Clothing says a lot about your personality and reflects on your way of thinking. 

‘’What you wear is what you are or what you will be’’  

MAKE was established in 2018 and went online in 2019. 

The MAKE logo that is displayed in a clock, stands for: Time Is Priceless, MAKEithappen. 

MAKE’s main goal is that you discover your gift and realize that you can accomplish everything what you want in life, if you use your gift and time wisely. 

MAKE’s four magical values:

- Every human is special

- Gifts meet Fashion

- Exclusivity

- Inspiring